Kid’s Playroom Built Ins

The kid’s playroom Builds-ins I built back in December 2020. I wanted a place that was pretty that was also functional for both me and the kids.

Supplies Used

Repurposed a cube storage
Melamine boards
PowerPro Screws(my favorite screws no predrilling needed)
1/4×2 Poplar wood
1×3 mdf board for toe kick under the builts-in

Tools Used
Ryobi Muli-tool
Ryobi Brad Nailer
Circular Saw
Table Saw (optional)
Miter Saw
Kreg K4

Before any project. I am a very visual person. I took a picture of the empty space and used my Arcsite App to draw out what I wanted. Sometimes I used good old fashion pencil to paper. Another good way is to tape out everything if the first two options isn’t your style.

I measured out my wall and placed my cube storage in the middle of the space I wanted. So then I would have to build two frame boxes on the side of the cube storage. I cut my boards to the right height and width and made pockets holes to attached it and made a basic frame.

First I removed the baseboards in the area that the frames were going. That was easily achieved by using my Roybi multi-tool and scoring the caulk like with a razor blade and used a pry bar and hammer to pull the baseboards back. *tip place a piece of wood as you are pushing out the baseboards then you won’t caused drywall damage.


Second I cut to size my 2x3s create a flooring frame that my frames and cube storage will be going on top of. I opted out to not remove my carpet. It is a personal preference. 

I had to cut my melamine boards to size. Framing it out was pretty easy. Just make sure that your corners are perfectly 90 degrees. I had to undo it because it was slightly off. And Again I also opted out and not put a thin board on the back of my frames, thinking back I think I should have done it to created a more smooth look. Luckily I can always go back and add it on. Before putting up my frames I marked my studs and used a 1×3 to screw it in the sides and to studs. 

I knew I wanted three shelves on both sides of my built-ins. I made the bottom shelve in alignment with my cube storage top. I then factored in my material widthnass divided by 3 to get my width of each shelving space. Then I placed my poplar wood in front of my melamine boards shelving creating a thicker shelve look than it really is. For this part if you don’t like the wood look you can used iron on edge band to cover the melamine edges.

I love shiplap and wanted to incorporated in my playroom space, the boy’s bathroom that is next to the playroom has vertically shiplap. So I changed it up and put horizontal shiplap in between the frame space, where I am going to be mounting my TV. 

Melamine boards are tricky to paint. Unfortunately I didn’t know this at first. I had to do layers and layers of paint. I now know you need a very good primer to paint melamine boards. And I would recommend using KILZ brand oil-based primer. 

Overall this project took me about 2 weeks to finish, I do my projects during week nights and weekends. For others it could probably be finished in about 5 days. But due to my work schedule and hectic mom life. It takes me a little longer on projects.

The best part of this project? It costed me a total of $202!!!! It was a very inexpensive build with an expensive look! Would you try this?

(This project wasn’t sponsored. Some of the links included on this site are affiliate links, which means at no additional cost to you, I will make a commission on the purchases you make through that click.)

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