About Me

From left to right: Chase, Tony, Matthew, Noah, Michelle, and Oanh

Hi I’m Oanh Dang! (pronounced one) I am an avid DIYer who isn’t scared of a challenge. I like to push my limits and see what I can do and make with my own hands. I am a mom of 4 beautiful kids and a wife to a wonder husband who supports me in any crazy ideas I may have. I live in Pensacola, FL, born and raised. We have lived in my home for 7 years now. And finally we are making our house into a home.

And thank you for being here. 🧡 I am here in hopes to find you inspiration and courage to start these projects and show you that you can create a beautiful home without breaking the bank. Sometimes all it takes is a cheerleader to root you on and I’m here for that! Please reach out to me if you have any questions! Or just to chat. I would love to get to know you!

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