Week 7 Flooring Time!

Cabinets with flooring and baseboard

ORC List of to-dos

1. Build Built-Ins Cabinet

2. Build the window seat

3. Remove Carpet

4. Shiplap wall

5. Paint Built-Ins and shiplap

6. Paint the other walls

7. Install flooring

8. Build bed frame

9. Build nightstands

Look we got flooring!!! I am so happy with how it turned out. It feels so good to be on these floorings instead of carpet, after the years the carpet was just getting gross. 

Flooring is no joke guys. It was hard, being on all fours and clicking it together and making sure it fit correctly. But it wasn’t impossible to do, overall I think I spent less than 6 hours on this whole room doing the flooring. The next day my husband came home and it definitely went by faster having two people then just doing it alone. 

Can you guys believe it?? We are in home stretch! I have a few more things to do on my list before the final reveal week. I really hope I can make it in time, but honestly it is fine if I don’t. My end goal for now is to just have a bed in the room!

Make sure y’all go check out the other ORC participants and come back next week for the reveal!



Shaw's Matrix Line in Hickory Sea Salt

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  1. This flooring looks great! I’m currently struggling to install some for my ORC as well. I can’t tell if my subfloor is really messed up, or if I’m just bad at installing the flooring 😬. Thanks for the inspiration to keep at it!

    1. Thank you! Floors are so tricky! But I know you’ll get through it!! If you are instagram tag me I would love to check it out! And thank you for being here 🧡

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