Week 6 ORC Painted happened this week!

ORC List of to-dos

1. Build Built-Ins Cabinet

2. Build the window seat

3. Remove Carpet

4. Shiplap

5. Paint Built-Ins and shiplap

6. Paint the other walls

7. Install flooring

8. Build bed frame

9. Build nightstands

Painted Shiplap and Built-Ins

Ah! I feel like I got so much done. But in reality all I did was paint! It was a struggle the past two weeks. I didn’t even post last week’s blog because I was so defeated. This was the first time I sprayed something this large with my Graco paint sprayer. And I thought that if I put it on a faster flow that it’ll turn out better. NOPE don’t try that guys! SLOW AND STEADY is what you should do! I ended up full blasting it and ended up with a bunch of drip marks. Then I thought it would be a great idea to brush and foam roll the marks. And boy I was so wrong. It ended up drying fast and I ended up with a big mess! I will show you in the pictures below how it looked. 

The color I used was Behr Limousine Leather in Semi-Gloss

Bumpy and just wrong
This how it looks when I brushed it and foam rolled it.
Nice and Smooth
This is perfect!

It was so bad that I had to step away from the project for 5 days. And thankfully I did. It is always better to step away when you’re frustrated than to keep going. Because if I did then I would have probably ripped off the shiplap and bought new ones.

I ended up sanding everything down and I sprayed again in the lowest setting. Now it looks so much better!

I also painted my other walls, I used Behr Paint in Ultra Pure White in Eggshell for my other walls and for my built-ins I went a little crazy and used a can I had bought a while back in the OOPS paint at Home Depot. It was PPG Diamond, I am unsure of the color at the moment, but will definitely let you guys know soon!

Now on to Week 7. I am hoping to do the flooring and also start building my nightstand or my bed side rails! 

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Everything I used is linked to my Amazon Storefront, so be sure to check that out.



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