ORC Week 4

Week 4 ORC

ORC List of to-dos

1. Build Built-Ins Cabinet

2. Build the window seat

3. Remove Carpet

4. Shiplap

5. Paint Built-Ins and shiplap

6. Paint the other walls

7. Install flooring

8. Build bed frame

9. Build nightstands

The shiplap is up! The built-in is in place along with my storage bench. WOOHOO!

I busted my tail off two weeks ago so I can be semi caught up this week, because really I took a vacation instead of working on my ORC! It was a great vacation! We haven’t been on one since 2019 before Chase was diagnosed so it was exactly what we needed.

Disney was everything we needed and so much more. We left on a Tuesday afternoon and got there late Tuesday to be able to sleep before a day at the parks on Wednesday. We went to all four parks for the three days we were there. My family, parents, and sister-in-law are such great troopers for dealing with my plans!

I bought MDF shiplap at Lowe’s it was very affordable. Here is the link to it, I bought 12 feet boards and used 29 pieces! I bought 30! So I had one extra woohoo first time every buying the right amount in TWO trips instead of 30. I used 2 inch nails with my Ryobi Brad Nailer. (Links from my Amazon store front) Now its time to wood fill, and caulk. I gotta finish the rest of my built-ins also to get it ready for paint this upcoming week. We are HALF WAY THERE!! And I am so glad y’all are here cheering me on! Get ready for some paint next week!!

Shiplap is a very easy process so I am going to just tell you the materials I used and do use this blog post for a Disney photo dump for you guys to enjoy!


Did y’all know about “Capture your Moment?” It was a Animal Kingdom, I found availability the night before. It was $50 for 30 minutes of a private photo session with Disney Photographer! TOTALLY worth it. We also purchased the Photopass for $99 bucks. It is super nice to have someone take your pictures for you instead of your group always missing one person. My friend told me about Capture your Moment and I am so glad she did. It was great!


Make sure y’all are checking out the ORC blog for all the crazy good progress, I can’t believe we are half way to our deadline date! Do you think I will finish in time?

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