ORC Week 3

ORC Week 3

ORC List of to-dos

1. Build Built-Ins Cabinet

2. Build the window seat

3. Remove Carpet

4. Shiplap wall

5. Paint Built-Ins and shiplap

6. Paint the other walls

7. Install flooring

8. Build bed frame

9. Build nightstands

Wow How did another week go by already!

I feel like I made more progress this week than last week! I was able to remove carpet, cut the baseboards of where the built-ins are going and also pretty much finish the built-in except the face frames!

Here’s a quick recap on  how I built my built-ins

I did two of these. I made sure to choose the pretty side pointing out. Make sure you know where it is installing so then you can know which side to show. 

I did the pretty side toward where you’ll see it most and the ugly side to towards the wall. My built-ins fit my space and that is the awesome thing about DIY is that you can change it to your size for your space. 

For my base cabinets I am doing one drawer on top with cabinet doors on the bottom. And for the top shelving I did half the size of my base cabinets. So they are 60in high by 12in deep. Now I have to figure out decoration for this space. I am a horrible decor person. I never know what looks right. 

For my window storage bench. I had about 9.5 ft in between both base cabinets. So I am building an 8ft storage bench with 4 storage drawers. And putting a piece of scrap wood between the wall and base cabinets to make up the space since my walls are very janky. When the house settled it cracked my concrete. And this space is at the corner of the house with a slight slope outside. So I have to make up the different with scrap pieces. 

DID YOU GUYS see my story posted today? I am taking the kids to Disney World! We have a week window between this treatment and next, that the doctors okayed us in going to Disney. Chase has been talking about Disney for the past two years, so I am so excited we are finally taking him. We are living in the moment and taking everything day by day. And for now his happiness is all that matters!

But that’s it for this week! Be sure to check out everyone’s ORC updates on ORC website!! I am hoping to finish the shiplap this weekend before I go to Disney. Who knows. If I am going to finish or not, but in the end it is fine if I don’t!

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