Tutorial to Wood Grain Wall

Wood Grain Accent Wall

I hope y’all visited my Wood Grain Accent Wall Inspiration post! It was an artwork I found on Pinterest that I thought would look awesome on a wall.


The wood was ready to be stain, but because I am a little extra I wanted it smooth as possible because it is going in my two year old’s room. I wanted to make sure that he wouldn’t get any splinters or any kind of accidents. So I sanded each wood slats with a 220 grit. I wiped with a tack cloth and then stained it. I only stained one side because no one will see the back. 🙂 

The most tricky part of this was because of the profile of the wood, I wanted to make sure it matched up on the wall. I’ll show you how it looks.

I felt like I wasted a lot of my wood because I had to cut it at 45 degrees and then flip it over to have the rounded edges match up rather than having one square to one rounded. 

I cut all my trim pieces at 45 degrees and made 90 degrees for the mountain. I used my laser line to make sure my mountain angles were straight. Another tricky part was finding the right length to cut the end pieces. So both ends of the trim were cut at 45 degrees and I guesstimated on the length.

One method that I found that worked was measuring my first angle, and then I added or subtracted 2.5 inches for the next piece. It worked pretty well for the most part. I tried to use a scrap piece as a spacer but it didn’t work well because then my trim was either too long or short so I just kept adding or subtracting 2.5 and eyeballed the space between. I knew I wanted one mountain higher than the other and the smaller in the front.

After finished the two mountains. I had the genius idea of putting neon paint splatter on the wall. Mountains and stars? I felt that it was perfect my Noah. I used craft neon paint and splatter it on the wall. I dipped a toothbrush and flicked it on the wall. My daughter used a dotter to have bigger dots on the wall. I had no idea what I was doing, totally winging it again.

After putting the paint on the wall, we moved on to the straight boards going down on the mountains. I had to decide how close I wanted it to be. I didn’t want an overly crowed piece so I spaced it pretty big, I think I went with 2 inches apart. I cut each angle on the bottom of the trim at 45 degrees. I spaced it out and measured it at the longest point and that was where I decided to cut. My miter saw with the laser made this part SO MUCH EASIER.

I didn’t used any nail glue on this project because I love change too much, and to risk avoiding damaging my dry wall I only used nails to attach it. I didn’t mark any studs so I shot my nails at angles opposites sides to secure it better.

Thankfully all the slats were stained so finishing up the project was very quick. I went back and filled in the nail holes with DAP wood filler in natural color, matched best with my stain. I could have easily left it alone, but I wanted a more finished look. So I filled it and used a baby wipe to clean the excess off. I also went back and filled in between where two woods met so it looked more completed.


I completed the room by using LED strip lights on the outer edge of the wall. I also bought two black lights to put in my lamp to make the neon paint glow better. I think that was my favorite part of the room.

Decor was bought at Hobby Lobby. Always check out their weekly sales. I love it when wall and table decor are 50% off. The best time to stock up on decors!

And that’s my Wood Grain Accent wall! I can’t thank Haven and Wood Grain enough for this amazing opportunity!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this informative article! All the information provided by you is really very helpful for all. I would like to say that we should use tack cloth for removing small dust particles from the surface because it gives you the perfect finishing. Keep posting! Keep sharing!

    1. Thank you! Yes a tack cloth is very much needed for these types of projects! I seriously have so many in my garage!

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