Top 5 Beginner Tools


Ya’ll last year I didn’t own ANY tools. It was all my husband’s. The only tool I knew how to use was a power drill. Only because I LOVE putting together Ikea furniture. 

I was always super amazed by all the amazing DIYers that used power tools and built or made over some awesome things. I honestly never thought that one day I would be able to do the same!

When the day finally came that I decided to stop pinning and start building. My first tool I used was my dad’s old miter saw. Of course my dad was hesitant letting me borrow his saw. He wanted to make the cuts for me. And then proceeded to lecture me about the safety and make sure I don’t lose a finger or hand. 

I was so nervous and scared for my first cut, having to never use any power tools like this before I didn’t own any safety things. I had my own chemistry googles that I used to protect my eyes. HEY WHATEVER KEEPS MY EYES SAFE!

My first build was a crib mattress size porch swing. It was far from perfect, but it was absolutely perfect for us and me. For that build I bought my first tool, a Kreg K4 Pocket Hole-jig. MY FIRST!! And I still use it TO THIS DAY! 

Tools are so expensive to buy all at once. I award myself each build with one new tool. I rather buy it slowly and use what I have than to buy it all at once. Home Depot or Lowe’s are ALWAYS having tool sales. And those are the best time to add more to your tool collection!


After a couple of build’s and researched I had a collection of five beginner favorite power tools!


Drill/Driver Set

I am still using my husband’s till this day. I recent did get an impact drill that is MY OWN. But again, I am only slowly building my collection because I have my husband’s available so why buy another one when it still works fine? He uses the Makita one he got years ago. And Honestly it works great. I feel like any drill/driver set will work great unless you are concentration on a certain brand. But it is nice to have tools all one brand because then the batteries are interchangeable. And often times batteries are sold separately. So always look out for the deal’s where sometime’s it will come with a battery sometimes TWO.

Miter Saw.

Often times you can find a good one on Facebook market or like me borrow a family member’s if they have one! It use a miter saw for almost every project! It cuts straight, beveled, and miter cuts. We will explain those types of cuts in a later blog post! 

Brad Nailer

This might be my all time favorite. It is great for woodworking and ALL THE ACCENTS wall you’ll be doing! It is light-weight and has great safety features. These are constantly on sale at home depot. Before I got my cordless brad nailer, I used my dad’s air compressor nail gun. And boy do I appreciate my cordless brad nailer more after using that. You have to drag the big air compressor and also have a long tube. Plus the fact hat it makes a SUPER loud noise when you shoot it also.


I know have a collection of sanders. I have three, two orbital sander and one palm sander. All are which corded sanders. I have yet to buy a cordless one, but maybe after I wear these down I’ll look into a cordless one. Sanders are absolutely needed for the finishing touches on your projects, or else you’ll have two very tired hands from manually sanding.

Circular Saw

This is a great tool for those who aren’t ready to spend the money on a table saw. You are able to make larger cuts, with the big 4×8 pieces of plywood. I would often time use my circular saw to rip it down smaller before I use my table saw. I had a corded version from Makita and cordless small version from Ryobi. The best part? When you’re not in a truck or van and the store’s saw is “currently broken” you can easily pack this baby in the car and rip your wood in the parking lot! You can’t laugh because just wait, you’ll be doing this one day and if you do send me a picture! 

I’ll share some other tools with you guys below that I also have. But it is not absolutely necessary for a project. It is just nice to have! 


Now you know my top 5 power tools, who’s ready to build with me? Tag me in your projects! I would love to see! 

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