Wood Grain Finalist Accent Wall Idea


Wood Grain Opportunity

OMG Can you guys believe I was one of the ten chosen for the Haven Wood Grain competition finalist! I am so excited for this amazing opportunity. I have from now til July 11 to submit my final wall accent reveal!

I’ve been jumping back and forth between which accent room wall I wanted to do. It was between my master bedroom wall and Noah’s bedroom. For my bedroom wall I honestly wanted something more simpler and going into this I know that the judges will be judging base on creativity and uniqueness. So I had to think out of the box and think of something more creative. 

Noah’s room has been on my to-do list for a while now. I know I want to built-ins bunks for his room. So I wanted to make sure that this accent wall will be able to incorporated into it. Before every project I like to scroll on Instagram and Pinterest for ideas. Pinterest has all the best pictures and is super easy to search and pin. 

Scrolling through accent walls and wood accents. I finally came across this wood art work that I knew I would be able to duplicate in a wall space and add my own flair to it! I played with popsicle sticks and also taped out the wall to see how it would look. And boy! After taping it out I’m looking at all my angle cuts, I don’t know if I should cry or laugh honestly. LOL Because yes while it’ll be very fun to do, I might cry just trying to figure out all the angle’s I would need to cut. But hey! What fun is a DIY without any headaches?

Let me know what you think of my inspiration picture! Do you think I can pull it off?


Also let me know what color I should do the background? In a way I want it to look like mountains, but I honestly just don’t know if it’ll be too much or not? I know for sure I want the wood stain look and not colored.

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